The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is a scenic and historic trail that runs through the heart of the New South Wales region in Australia. The section from Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek is the first part of the trail to open, spanning 24 kilometers through lush rainforests, rolling hills, and picturesque towns. Crabbes Creek is 29kms and Murwillumbah is 50kms norther of Byron Bay.Here are five highlights of this section of the trail that you won’t want to miss.


The Northern Rivers Rail Trail from Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek is a picturesque journey through the heart of the New South Wales region. The trail is suitable for both cycling and walking, with a well-maintained surface that provides a smooth and comfortable ride or walk. This section of the trail takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, including stunning views of the Tweed River.

Exploring the Historic Town of Murwillumbah

Murwillumbah is a historic town with a rich cultural heritage. This charming town is located at the foot of the stunning Mt. Warning, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. You can explore the town’s heritage buildings and museums, or stop off in one of the many cafes or restaurants to sample some of the local cuisine.

Admiring the Stunning Scenery

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail from Murwillumbah to Crabbes Creek provides visitors with stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the rolling hills, lush rainforests, and sparkling waterways of the Tweed Valley. Along the way, you’ll pass through quaint villages and rural farmland, providing an opportunity to experience the peaceful and idyllic lifestyle of the region.

Discovering the Rich History of the Area

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is steeped in history, with a number of historical sites and landmarks along the way. As you cycle or walk through this section of the trail, you can visit the historic railway stations, bridges, and tunnels that once carried trains through the region. You can also learn about the cultural heritage of the local Aboriginal people, who have inhabited the area for thousands of years.

Sampling the Delicious Local Cuisine

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is surrounded by some of the best food and drink in the region. From fresh seafood and locally grown produce to craft beer and boutique wines, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Stop off at one of the many cafes, restaurants, or distillery along the way to sample some of the delicious local cuisine.

Meeting the Friendly Locals

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. As you cycle or walk along the trail, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the friendly locals who call this region home. From farmers and winemakers to artists and musicians, there’s a diverse range of people to meet and learn from along the way.

Short History

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail was originally a railway line that operated between the early 20th century and 2004. The line was used to transport passengers and goods between the towns of Murwillumbah and Casino, and was an important part of the region’s transport infrastructure. The rail line was decommissioned in 2004, and in 2023, the Northern Rivers Rail Trail was officially opened as a recreational trail for cyclists and walkers. The trail is set to become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

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