There’s no denying the fact that 2020 has managed to change almost every aspect of common life and has highly affected businesses across the globe. Unemployment has been increasing since February 2020 and it’s still a prominent issue in Australian society. Now, in 2021, the repercussions of the pandemic are showing even in job interviews. Recruiters today are looking for a pretty different set of skills, adjusted to the interesting times that we’re living.

That being said, in this article, we’ll list 5 skills that can help you understand what are the most desired qualities that employers are looking for in 2021, so you can land your dream job.

Virtual Environments Adaptability


Some people are just made to work in a virtual environment; they feel most comfortable at home, in the comfort of their own space and they do not miss a single thing from the office. On the other hand, there are people who have a very hard time accommodating working remotely in virtual environments. Unsurprisingly, in 2021, the power to adapt to any type of virtual environment will be absolutely critical. It can be hard for someone to keep things interesting, to stay relevant and visible in the company just through screens; this is one of the biggest challenges for everyone this year.

Continuous Learning

The fast-paced world that we live in today has brought some negative aspects along the way for sure, and one of these is the lifespan of a skill once you acquire it; it has become very short. In today’s industry, you need to prove that you are able to learn something new every day, to improve your skills catalog, and to stay up to date with the latest technologies, methods, or practices. So naturally, agile learners will have a much easier time getting the desired job, because it’s important to be flexible and willing to acquire new skills in a rapid fashion. So maybe it’s time for you to take an upskilling course, taught to you by some of Australia’s most trusted educators.

In the New South Wales region, unemployment has increased to 6.4%. This number is significantly higher than in previous years, so there’s no denying the fact that people are currently struggling with their jobs. It’s important to stay motivated and focus on upskilling; to be prepared for the new qualities that recruiters are seeking for in 2021.


Before 2020, people knew that every few years, when they change their job, they need to learn how to accommodate some new rules, new teams, and new work ethics. Nowadays, you should expect a 180 change in your work schedule and priorities from one day to another. If you are not flexible enough to quickly shift your mindset and understand that all these rapid changes are something that we all go through, landing a job in 2021 can become pretty difficult. According to Financial Review, in Australia, all major companies are prepared to have all of their employees work from home for longer than anyone has expected; so these skills will remain relevant in the years to come, for sure.

Stress Management


Nowadays, people tend to stress more than they did in the past. Having an office job was already stressful for the majority of people before 2020, especially for the ones with an increased amount of responsibilities. For some people, the year that has gone by was more relaxed, since they were able to work from the comfort of their own homes; but for others, the level of stress has increased exponentially. Being able to successfully manage stress is one of the most important skills that you need to develop in 2021, as uncertainty is still all around us.

Team Work

This one seems pretty obvious and it has been for a long time. But it has become more relevant than ever in 2021. The idea of successfully working in a team has changed in the past year because now you either need to able to communicate everything virtually and make it as efficient as possible, or you need to learn how to interact with your colleagues under immense amounts of stress and rules that you all need to follow in order to respect all social distancing and hygiene regulations.


The world is constantly evolving and the need for us to learn how to adapt has become more vital than ever. There wasn’t even one industry that wasn’t affected by the global pandemic, so we all had something to learn from it, and we still do. That’s why, in 2021, recruiters are looking for a different soft skill set and you need to be aware of these if you’re planning to change your job or take on a new career path.