The final line up of TEDxByronBay has been released showcasing some of the most interesting and inspiring people in the region.

“We’ve got underwater explorers (yes, Franck actually slept underwater for four days!), the nation’s favourite garden gnome, our local Deathwalker, an expert on the songs in our streams, an artist exploring why rainbows make us happy, a challenging talk on decolonising our public spaces, and that’s only half of the speakers,” said Kate Walsh – Director and Co-curator of the event.


“The theme for this year is ‘The Spaces Between’. “The idea for the theme came from Indigenous astronomy which places as much emphasis on the blackness as well as the stars. It made me think of the sky in a whole new way. These kinds of transformative ideas are what we are searching for at TEDxByronBay.” she continued.

The full list of speakers includes Dr. Gregory Smith, Costa Georgiadis, Delta Kay, Zenith Virago, Brett Solomon, Kate Constantine, Hiromi Tango, Emilia Decker, Melia Naughton, Catherine Ingram, Elle Davidson, Paul van Reyk, and Franck Gazzola.

Kate will be joined by Nell Schofield to co-curate this year’s program. Nell is an actor, arts journalist, presenter and documentary maker and will bring a special magic to the event.

“We’re gathering some fantastic speakers covering everything from the politics of bush-tucker to the future of digital rights. Our speakers’ voices range from hyper sensitive to highly outraged in a program designed to stimulate our audience’s mind.”

Speaker Kate Constantine will be exploring her experience of being a fair skinned Aboriginal woman. “It’s a precarious place to be between both worlds and both cultures, you participate in both and you are a part of both, but you aren’t part enough of either, that’s my take on it,” Kate said.

Another speaker, Dr. Gregory Smith is best known for his book “Out of the Wood” where he shares his journey from of childhood trauma and homelessness to completing his Phd and becoming a lecturer in Sociology at Southern Cross University. From sociopath to sociology professor is a story not to be missed.

And Australia’s favourite gardener, Costa Georgiadis will be travelling from Sydney to share his special brand of magic with the audience looking at the role of awe and wonder in his life.

Cost: $150. Tickets include lunch, generous goody bag and tickets to the afterparty at Stone & Wood from 5:30pm.

Date: Saturday, 26th June Where: Byron Theatre, 69 Johnson St, Byron Bay
Time: 10:30 – 4:30pm

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