Featuring an Aus exclusive Pussy Riot interview and performance + The Betoota Advocate, Brooke Boney, Tony Armstrong, Michael Hing, Hamish Macdonald and more…

Festival philosophers, lovers of LOLs and campsite theorists! Keep your head in the game as the programs for Splendour Forum, Comedy Club and Science Tent are revealed, including the inaugural Forum Live Podcasts!

Sit down and listen up as a host of prominent thinkers, activists, politicians and musicians raise the vibrations with lively discussion, panels, debates, documentaries and more at Splendour Forum across the weekend.

Featuring an unmissable Australian exclusive interview with Pussy Riot founder, activist, and artist Nadya Tolokonnikova, Splendour is thrilled to announce that Pussy Riot will then also take to the GW McLennan stage for their only Australian live performance. Hip hop fans can catch a special directors-cut screening of Burn Gently, the story of Australian hip hop plus Splendour Forum will also host the first ever Splendour Town Hall where patrons can get an audience with Federal Youth Minister Dr Anne Aly.

Put your thinking caps on and see yourself to the Science Tent for its brain broadening 2023 edition then round it out with a healthy dose of sh*ts and gigs at The Comedy Club. This year Splendour also introduces Forum Live Podcasts. Kicking off Thursday and continuing Friday and Sunday, some of Australia’s favourite podcasters, including the crew from The Betoota Advocate, will record their programs LIVE in front of Splendour audiences.

It’s all going down at The Forum! Check out the program below…



So, You Wanna Work in the Music Biz? Don’t know where to start? Join Australian youth music organisation The Push as they chat to industry reps from music festivals, Live Nation, triple j, moshtix and more, breaking down everything you need to know about music career pathways. Join Sam Koslowski from The Daily Aus as he deep dives into whether pill-testing at music festivals could soon become a reality. Queensland has already approved the introduction of these services and the NSW Government will examine the issue at their upcoming Drugs Summit. Hear from harm minimisation experts including a live demonstration of the scientific equipment at Pill-Testing Is Here. Then accompany Nat Damena and Marty Smiley at Generation F*CKED, exploring why Gen Y and Z are the first generations set to be worse off than their parents. The perfect storm of housing, renting, and cost-of-living crises is causing chaos for any young person trying to move out and keep the lights on. Join the conversation with Federal Youth Minister Dr Anne Aly, Greens Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Harshdeep Kaur, and Joey Moloney.


Later this year, Australians will vote in a referendum on Indigenous constitutional recognition. Join host Brooke Boney and panel guests Tony Armstrong, Rachael Cavanagh, Dean Parkin, and Carla McGrath as they discuss what the Indigenous Voice to Parliament will mean from a social, political and community perspective at The Voice to Parliament – Explained. Weed out the truth about New Cannabis Laws at Can-I-Buys? moderated by Sam Koslowski (The Daily Aus) with Greens Senator David Shoebridge, Tyson Craig, Bee Mohamed, Dr. Emily Rigby, and David Heilpern. Medicinally, socially, responsibly – cannabis reform is afoot. A new Bill introduced to Parliament by the Greens (npi) has many supporters – and some detractors – but the argument isn’t as black and white as simply legalise the green. Join the expert panel as they nug-it-out.

Join Living Treasure Dr Karl (AM) as he explains how a plane (running on fossil fuels) could fly for over two months without air-to-air refuelling, how the rude two-finger “up yours” salute came into being, how much power we would get if we could catch every lightning bolt on Earth and more as he deep dives into Great Moments in Science. Then meet Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova in conversation with Hamish Macdonald. Nadya holds the rare title of being an internationally famous artist while simultaneously being included on the “most wanted” list of criminals in her home country. As the creator of Pussy Riot, she has spearheaded a global feminist protest-art movement, but she has paid a heavy price – incurring the wrath of Russian President Vladimir Putin, serving time in prison and now living in exile. Hear her fascinating story as she chats live in the Forum with The Project host Hamish Macdonald.


From hip hop godfathers the Hilltop Hoods to Australian Music Prize winner Genesis Owusu, new documentary Burn Gently celebrates 50 years of Aussie hip hop and features thirty-six of the biggest names in Australian hip hop as they dive into the history and key issues of the genre. Presented by APRA AMCOS, this director’s cut screening will be followed by a discussion panel with director Antony Attridge (Sensible Antixx), producer N’fa Jones (1200 Techniques) rapper DOBBY and hosted by music photographer Michelle Grace Hunder. Meet Australia’s Youth Minister Dr Anne Aly hosted by Cheek Media’s Hannah Ferguson at Splendour’s first ever Town Hall. Join as they talk politics for young Australians and how young people can shape the country for the better. Join Hannah Ferguson again for Social Media x Sex Commerce: The Oldest Profession Meets the Newest Technology. The rise of online sex work has created a new platform for female empowerment. Hear from some of the pioneers of OnlyFans and TikTok, discussing how they are harnessing the digital age to claim their power, the pitfalls of being ‘social’ famous, and what the future might hold in the eyes of an internet that never forgets.


Missing your daily dose of podcasts while you’re in festival land? Splendour Forum has you covered with a host of poddies being recorded live from the festival grounds – and you can listen in! Join author, speaker, therapist, and the creator of the global phenomenon, Like A Version, Lissie Turner AKA Mel Bampton as she explores the connection between environmental and human mental health. The world of business and finance can sometimes (*cough* often) feel impenetrable. What the Flux breaks down three major business stories in five minutes. It’s short, it’s snappy and it’ll make you smarter than your boss. While Where’s Your Head At? hosted by Love Island fan favourites Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski talks all things relationships, break-ups, reality television, trending shows and everything in between. Then laugh at the messiness of life with Sometimes Funny Always Awkward, join online comedians Maddy MacRae and Grace Hore as they chat unfiltered about dating, sex, adulthood and being a hot mess!

You follow their legendary Instagram page, now listen to the kings of satire live! The Betoota Advocate Podcast is a weekly show that interviews interesting personalities from all over Australia and the world. Every week Editors Errol Parker and Clancy Overell sit down and interview a topical guest. Reporting fiercely, without fear or favour, the two editors cover a healthy mix of local, national, and international news. Kinky History is a TikTok and podcast series with a global following of more than 2.5 million people. Launched in October 2020 by academic Esmé Louise James, the online lecture series explores the evolution of human sexuality – from scandalous stories from the Ancient World to the saucy secrets of famous figures, erasing dangerous taboos along the way. Wendy Zukerman, the award-winning science journalist and host of the podcast Science Vs, will interview some of her favourite scientists that she met at Splendour. Together, they’ll giggle about the science behind blue balls, ketamine, superbugs and whatever else tickles their fancy!


The Science Tent is back, bigger, bolder, and brainier than ever before. You’ll forget you came to the festival for the tunes. Body farms and forensics to solve crimes? Check. Conservation and wild animals in drag? You bet. The science of wellness? Hook up that IV baby, you’re all covered. Check out the full program HERE.

As the sun sets on the Forum, the Splendour Comedy Club takes over Thursday through to Sunday boasting a line-up of festival favourites and some of Australia’s freshest emerging comedy talents. Showcasing a (jimmy) buffet of comedy treats by some of the country’s most hilarious stars of jest, you’re bound to find your kind of funny. Plan your lols HERE.

Alex Hines + Alexandra Hudson + Bec Charlwood + Blake Freeman + Cameron Duggan + Cameron James + Dahn Rozario + Damien Power + David Quirk + Dave Woodhead + Hot Department + John Cruckshank + Luka Muller + Michael Hing + Nat Damena + Nina Oyama + Rosie Delaney + Sam Taunton + Sashi Perera + Sonia Di Iorio + Tim Hewitt + Tom Cashman + Urvi Majumdar

Tickets on sale now from Moshtix

Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July
Ngarindjin / North Byron Parklands
126 Tweed Valley Way, Yelgun (15 mins north of Byron Bay)