Calling all ocean and beach lovers to join our Marine Bioblitz of the Byron Bay region from 8th – 17th March 2024. Whether you are a diver, beach walker, kayaker, boater, surfer, fisher or explorer, everyone get involved!

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The Marine Bioblitz is an opportunity for all members of the community to get involved as citizen scientists and document the rich biodiversity in our marine and coastal habitats. This provides a snapshot of species found across marine habitats at this time of year, which has never been done in our area before.

Record animal and plant species you find above and below the water from inter-tidal zones, rock pools, estuaries, pelagic zones, open ocean and reefs. The survey area coincides with our Byron Bay Hope Spot, and encompasses the Cape Byron Marine Park and extends further south to Ballina.

Your sightings help to provide an important record of the marine biodiversity that exists in our region. This information will help to inform conservation measures and monitor the impacts of climate change on our oceans.

So if you can walk a beach / paddle a kayak / snorkel a reef / wade in a river / wander around a rock pool, then this Marine Bioblitz is for you!!

Feel like learning more or joining a community event? Here’s a list of events being run by local ocean conservation groups as part of the Autumn 2024 Marine Bioblitz – click for the full list of Marine Bioblitz Byron Bay Region Organised Events

If you’re on a kayak tour with Cape Byron Kayaks during the Bioblitz, they’ll be sharing information on every tour and collecting photos from their paddlers to document the wildlife they spot on each kayak trip.

As a community of citizen scientists, you’ll connect with other like-minded people, learn about the species that call our blue backyards home whilst contributing to the knowledge and protection of local ecosystems.

Check out our INaturalist Marine Bioblitz Byron Bay Region 2024 project page and add your sighting and see what else has been recorded – iNaturalist: Marine Bioblitz Byron Bay Region