Immerse yourself in the rich Aboriginal culture of the region with an Explore Byron Bay tour. Led by Delta Kay, a passionate Bundjalung woman, these tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about the Aboriginal existence before colonisation and its impact on the local community.

Cape Byron Tour:

  • During the Cape Byron tour, Delta Kay shares the history of the Bundjalung people and their deep connection to the land.
  • Witness the devastating effects of settlement and displacement on Delta’s ancestors and her family’s journey to negotiate their Native Title.
  • Learn about the fascinating aspects of Aboriginal culture, including bush tucker, natural medicine, tools, weapons, and artefacts.
  • Experience the taste of delicious bush tucker foods and savor a refreshing cup of bush tea and a biscuit at the end of the tour.

Broken Head Tour:

  • Embark on a journey with Delta Kay to Broken Head, where you’ll discover more about the Aboriginal heritage of the region.
  • Gain insight into the traditional ways of managing the health of the land, emphasizing the interconnectedness of water, land, air, plants, and animals.
  • Delta’s tour includes lessons on Bundjalung language and an exploration of the local bush tucker, tools, weapons, and artefacts.
  • Indulge in the flavours of various bush tucker foods and enjoy a cup of bush tea, accompanied by a biscuit.

Bangalow Bush Tucker Tour:

  • Join Delta Kay on an enlightening tour of Bangalow, where you’ll explore the Aboriginal history of the area.
  • Discover the deep connection between Aboriginal culture and the land, gaining insights into bush tucker, natural medicine, tools, weapons, and artefacts.
  • Encounter the language and traditions of the Bundjalung people as Delta imparts her knowledge and experience.
  • Delight your taste buds with a sampling of delectable bush tucker foods and end the tour with a cup of bush tea and a biscuit.

Delta Kay’s knowledge, passion, and compassionate approach will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich Aboriginal history of the region.

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