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Wandana Brewing Co. is far from ordinary. This avant-garde brewery pushes the boundaries of craft beer production with an innovative and harmonious blend of music, fermentation, and fine craft brews.

At the heart of Wandana’s brewing process is their unique Fermentation to Music approach. This isn’t just a novelty — it’s an art and science, as they are the only brewery worldwide spinning non-stop tunes to their beer as it leisurely ferments. Yeast, the unseen hero of brewing, dances to the sound vibrations enhancing the fermentation efficiency—a symphony commanding life into every brew. Each beer style is serenaded by its own specific genre, from Pilsner listening to classical tones to Mullum Madness Hazy IPA swaying to Kiwi Dub. Each sip delivers a taste of the melody, a sensory experience that bonds the drinker to the brewer’s passion.

Wandana Brewing Co. isn’t just a brewery; it’s a community hub with its inviting Tap Room and Beer Garden. Overviewing the stunning Byron hinterland vistas, you’ll discover tantalizing small-batch handcrafted brews served alongside delicious offerings from local food trucks. Accompanying this feast for your senses is the rhythmic soundtrack of live music and DJ tunes that define the Wandana experience.

Groups of a minimum of 8 can experience a pre-booked hosted tasting and tour. Explore and enjoy the backstage of beer production while relishing Wandana’s finest brews.

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or simply enjoy a good time with family (kids and dogs included), Wandana Brewing Co. has something for everyone. For those with a palate outside the realm of beer, you’ll find cocktails, wines, and cider, along with a selection of non-alcoholic drinks.