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Highwayman Whisky, in Byron Bay, is a beacon for avid whisky enthusiasts. The distillery is not just about crafting spirits; it’s about embodying the adventurous spirit of its founder, Dan Woolley. Each bottle from Highwayman Whisky is a testament to a journey infused with unique flavors and a story to tell.

Dan Woolley, the face of Highwayman Whisky, is renowned in the whisky world for his enduring passion and deep knowledge of whisky making. Over the past decade, Dan has traveled extensively, representing some of the finest whiskies across the globe. His adventures spanned iconic distilleries in Scotland, Kentucky, Tasmania, and Japan, gathering rich experiences and insights into whisky production. Known affectionately as the “Highwayman of whisky,” Dan’s experiences have significantly shaped his own distillery’s philosophy and offerings.

Tasting Sessions at Highwayman Whisky

For those eager to experience Highwayman’s exquisite creations, the distillery offers group tasting sessions. These sessions are an opportunity to delve into the rich world of whisky, featuring a selection of premium Australian single malts. Participants get to savor distinct flavors, engage in spirited discussions, and learn more about what makes each batch unique.

Masterclasses: A Deep Dive into Whisky Making

Spend 3 hours one on one with Dan as he takes you on a guided tour through production, a personalized masterclass of the whole back catalogue of Highwayman releases, tasting from 3 separate casks and you get to take home a bottle of your favourite whisky of the day in a bespoke wooden case made just for this tour and a Highwayman snifter to drink it with!

Every sip of Highwayman Whisky tells a story of passion, craft, and exploration, making every bottle a collector’s item for those who cherish fine whisky. Be sure to keep updated on future releases by joining their newsletter.

Experience's Location

7/4 Banksia Dr Byron Bay