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Explore the Australian rainforest at night using night vision technology for an insider’s look at the animals that live there.

Imagine exploring the Australian rainforest at night, searching for nocturnal wildlife. Instead of wielding a torch you’re incognito, wearing special night vision goggles. This is military grade technology that lets you see animals as they go about their business.

Because we don’t use bright lights we are less intrusive and that means we can be more connected to what is going on all around us. For many of our clients, seeing the forest in the dark is an enlightening experience. After your walk enjoy a hot chocolate gazing up at the starry night. Heaven!

Nights with less moonlight are best for a Night Vision Walk. On a typical night we see five species. Our regular sightings include possum, pademelon, bandicoot, tawny frogmouth, leaf tailed gecko, fucsipes, melomys, micro bats and frogs.

We do our very best to give you a great experience, but of course, we are dealing with nature so we cannot guarantee animal sightings.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements when you book.

These walks are not recommended for people with epilepsy.

As with all our eco tours, we request that you try and wear dark clothing if possible. We don’t draw attention to ourselves, to the wildlife that we are trying to see.

Travel is in our luxury eight-seater hybrid. It’s a comfy ride, with great seats, air conditioning, video, and is easy to get in and out of. We’ve dubbed it the best tour vehicle in Byron Bay – because it is.

Adult $164
Concession $154
Child $127
Groups $138 pp