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Nestled within the scenic beauty of the Byron Bay hinterland, Three Meadows is a premier location for weddings, private parties, corporate events, and retreats. This exclusive venue is not just a place to host gatherings but a sanctuary where modern elegance meets natural splendor.

At Three Meadows, the focus is on creating spaces that foster deep connections among guests. With accommodation options that can sleep up to 14 people and venue spaces capable of hosting over 90 guests, Three Meadows is equipped to handle both intimate gatherings and large-scale celebrations.

Weddings at Three Meadows

For couples seeking a harmonious blend of nature and celebration, Three Meadows offers an idyllic setting. The venue is meticulously designed for weddings, complete with a large event space that accommodates over 90 guests. The backdrop of the lush hinterlands provides a picturesque setting for magical moments, making it the ideal destination for couples who wish to celebrate their love in harmony with the natural world.

Three Meadows takes pride in being an all-encompassing wedding venue, allowing for the ceremony and reception to be held on the same property. This convenience adds an extra layer of tranquility and ease to the special day, ensuring that every moment is cherished.

Private and Corporate Events

Three Meadows is not just for weddings; it’s also a versatile venue for private parties and corporate events. Whether celebrating a 50th or 60th birthday, an anniversary, a family reunion, or an engagement party, Three Meadows provides the perfect space for every special occasion. The venue has established relationships with local experience leaders, from private chefs to event stylists and wine experts, to help tailor the event to your desires.

For corporate events, The Shed offers a versatile, all-weather space equipped with multimedia facilities and a fully equipped kitchen, making it perfect for workshops, conferences, product launches, and private cocktail parties.

The Pavilion and Outdoor Dining

The Pavilion at Three Meadows is a stunning outdoor space constructed using reclaimed materials from the original Three Meadows orchard. With mesmerizing views of the blue-green hinterland, it’s perfect for long table lunches or intimate candlelit dinners under the stars. Like other spaces at Three Meadows, The Pavilion can accommodate over 90 guests, making it an ideal spot for larger gatherings with a touch of nature.

Experience's Location

22 Sunnycrest Lane Bangalow